Dining is at the “heart” of The Manor. Your monthly rent includes three meals a day in our beautiful sun-lit dining room. Enjoy conversation around convivial tables as you order from ever-changing offerings on the menu. Our chefs source the best local ingredients and prepare satisfying seasonal dishes year round. Our pastry chef regularly surprises us with wonderful desserts and specialty treats.

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Special Needs

Our kitchen staff prepares a diverse and nutritious menu for each meal including low sodium and sugar-free options. Our meals are served restaurant-style so you can choose the right selections to suit your tastes and needs. And, if you occasionally need a meal brought to you in your suite, it just takes a phone call.

Special Occasions

Holidays are special times when The Manor is filled with lush decorations. You are welcome to invite your family and friends to join you either in the dining room, the Bistro or informally in The Manor Café. We have two dining times for lunch and dinner, providing those who wish a more leisurely experience the opportunity to enjoy relaxed conversations.

Outings and Casual Gatherings

Our dining and activity staffs combine to create picnics in the summer, box lunches for trips to regional attractions, cheese and wine tastings in the Grand Salon, or a casual evening of popcorn, cookies and drinks in The Café. Coffee and tea are available throughout the day in The Café, where you can gather to read the paper, play games or watch sports and movies on the big screen TV.