Making Your Decision


How do you make the very important decision to move to a Senior Community?

Take the Tour


Let us show you The Manor. Come and visit several times. Each time you will see something new. When you visit, consider the entire building and grounds as part of your new home. Stay with us for a meal or even for several nights in our fully furnished Guest Suite (see Give Us A Try). Look around. Talk with people. Are they active? Do they seem happy? Do you feel comfortable and welcome? Contact us and we’ll schedule your first tour.

Choose Your Suite


We have many different types and sizes of apartments at The Manor. Consider size, layout, location, amenities, view. Remember you will have three chef-prepared meals a day at The Manor so you will use your kitchen differently than you do now (see Dining). And, remember we have many different social spaces where you will entertain family and friends for casual times and special events.

Plan Your New Space


Consider the things you enjoy doing and plan your space to accommodate them. The Manor staff can help you lay out your space, considering the furniture you will need and matching that with what you already have.

Sort and “Right Size”


You have so many wonderful things you have collected over the years. Some have memories, but many are probably on that spring cleaning list that you just never got to. Sort through your possessions and think about which will fit and work best in your new home.

Make it Your Home


Our staff and residents will help you settle into your new home and your new community. We can help you arrange furniture, hang pictures and hook up your phone and TV. But, hosting friends and family will help you feel at home too. And, get involved! We have lots of different activities every day so you can pick those that interest you. Embrace the opportunity to develop new friendships, new hobbies, new skills.

Compare Monthly Costs



Here is a downloadable cost comparison form for you to print and compare living at the Manor vs. living in your home.

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